The Sea Garden and Butterflies!

5 03 2012


The sea not only provides us a regular unflinching supply of food such as fishes, see weeds and fruits for all-whether they’re veg or non-veg. In the ocean if there are jungles then there are beautiful gardens, too.Naturally cared. These gardens are full of flowers and plants of different and magnificent colors and species. Those oceans which fall around tropical countries has various fishes of different color and shades. These colorful fishes when swim in and around the garden and forests they may confused you as the butterflies.

One of the most attractive fish among them is the angel fish which has brilliant golden color with stripes (band) of red. Angel fish are also found in gold, orange, red orange, stripped orange with brilliant blue colour. On the other side, the Hog fish of Caribbean Sea are of brilliant crimson. While the famous Spanish Lady look brighter and streaked with gold.


Around Pacific Island you’d see more fishes with different colour-Crimson, Purple, red, Pink rose and of other unimaginable colours. The paradise fish with red stripe seems a gift from God. The Angel fish may look and appear beautiful in comparison but its long fins are longer than the its tails


Deep Down into Ocean !

5 03 2012



About one third of the earth consists of land and two third of ocean.The bed of the ocean has flat plains,mountains and forest as you see on the earth.

Oceans inhabitants range from big creatures to small tinny ones.If there’re mighty whales then there’re fishes that can’t be even seen with help of delecate Microscope.Apart from these matters of shape and sizes there’s deadly,killar sharks and octopuses roaming here and thre in search of prey of the day.Friendly occupants of the sea like Dolphins-who look alike small whale but withlong nose,are very playful and talkative.

The ocean’s aren’t only the dwelling place of these deadly and friendly creatures but provide many other great thing which are useful to us.The see weeds, for example,which are used as healthy and tasty food item.Few weeds are for medicine and as a manner for crops field.The brown see weed from which antiseptic iodine is extracted and later prepared as the salt through different process.The sponges which grow abundantly near the sea shore and the coral reef all are very useful…



Each one of us is wonderf…

4 03 2012

Each one of us is wonderful!

Hello world!

4 03 2012

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